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Live Teleseminar

What's Stopping You From Getting Clients... and What To Do About It

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About the Live Teleseminar

What are the barriers that prevent skilled and talented therapists from building a thriving business? You can overcome these challenges and attract more clients with less effort by making a few simple changes. Learn how you may be sabotaging your own marketing, the three most reliable ways to build your business quickly, when Internet marketing is a useful tool and when it won't help you, and how to build a system to make marketing simple and effortless.
About C.J.
CJH C.J. Hayden is the best-selling author of Get Clients Now!, Get Hired Now!, and The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook. C.J. is a Master Certified Coach who has helped thousands of independent professionals to make a better living doing what they love. C.J. has taught marketing for John F. Kennedy University, Mills College, SCORE, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Find out more about C.J. at .