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Divorce…Depression…The loss of a loved one… New Jobs… Empty Nest Syndrome…

There are literally dozens of different reasons why you might be considering turning to a therapist. In fact, statistics show that more people are seeking counseling in varying degrees today than at any other time in US history. There was a time when there was a stigma associated with San Francisco therapy—an idea that if you couldn’t deal with your problems on your own, it was somehow a sign of weakness. Luckily, that’s changed; and as the city has evolved, people have come to realize the benefits of a qualified therapist.

When you’re ready to find a San Francisco therapist, nothing matters more than specialty. You want a therapist that understands what you’re going through—and knows how to help get you to where you want to be. Hollywood can keep the dramatics… San Francisco therapy is all about seeing results. .


Major depressive disorder will affect 9.9 million American adults this year. And while it’s normal to deal with an occasional bout of sadness, it’s also important to know when to look for help. If the blues won’t go away, or if you are no longer deriving joy or satisfaction from the things that used to bring you pleasure, it might be time to find a therapist. There are several options in San Francisco therapy centers, from those that specialize in post divorce help to therapists that focus on helping people suffering from the loss of a family member. Doing your research ahead of time can help narrow down your options and decide on the best therapist for your needs.

More about er that is out of control, a mental health professional can use a variety of techniques that help you not feel anger again, but harness it and help you control how you react to situations that cause rage and anger. Therapists not only change your reaction to angering situations, but help you maintain those changes that include re-interpreting anger triggers, not holding grudges, and forgiving others that been triggers.

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Anger Management

When rage is out of control, the rest of your life can get caught up in a downward spiral. Relationships, responsibilities, and jobs can suffer because of it. When you know that your anger is out of control, finding a San Francisco therapist can help you harness your emotions. Knowing your triggers is one of the first steps… and so is asking for help.

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Couple’s Therapy - San Francisco Style

With a national divorce rate that’s over 50%, it can be hard to find a way to make a relationship work—even when you’re in love. When you’re committed to working out your problems, a therapist can help. Couple’s therapy can teach you and your partner how to better communicate with each other, move past sexual frustrations, and even rediscover the spark that brought you together in the first place.

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Family therapy

Sometimes, issues affect the entire family. Remarriages, divorces, arguments, or general family conflicts can lead to problems with longer lasting effects. Why not address them directly with a visit to a San Francisco therapist? Identifying and addressing family issues will strengthen your bond as a group—and make you better functioning individuals. Whatever your San Francisco therapy needs, it’s important to carefully select your therapist based on your individual circumstances. Take into account their experience, personality, and education. And never forget that the therapy experience should be about you.

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