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Marriage Issues and Therapy

Unresolved marriage issues can lead to divorce or years of unhappiness. It is therefore important for couples experiencing issues related to communication problems, infidelity, anger, financial worries, substance abuse, and sexual difficulties to receive effective therapy that will help them find better ways to communicate and understand each other.

Communication Therapy for Marriage Issues

Therapy for marriage often focuses on processes of communication. The two most prevalent communication therapies for marriage issues are active listening and Cinematic Immersion.

Active Listening

Active listening is the most common form of therapy for marriage issues. This communication therapy approaches relationship problems with the assumption that many conflicts occur because individuals often fail to truly understand what their partners say to them. Active listening fosters improved communication skills by teaching the couple how to hear what they are saying to each other and how to respond to those statements in positive ways. Once a couple has learned to understand each other, they often find that they can resolve their differences and cooperate to find solutions to their marriage issues that meet their needs.

Cinematic Immersion

Cinematic Immersion has gained popularity as a couples therapy tool in recent years. It is an offshoot of communication therapy, and many counselors categorize it as a type of active listening. Cinematic Immersion provides a safe environment for individuals to discuss their problems openly, but it also acknowledges that most people respond defensively to criticism.

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Marriage Issues

Not all marriage counseling therapies focus on interpersonal communication. Many couples find that emotionally focused therapy can improve their relationships. Emotionally focused therapy was developed from attachment theory, which suggests that individuals in a romantic relationship become dependent on each other in ways that they might not even recognize consciously.

This type of marriage counseling uses emotions to create change within the relationship. Couples learn to explore, identify, and experience their emotions. This allows them to use their feelings as guides in the relationship and learn how to transform their emotions or become flexible within them.

Short Term Therapy for Marriage Issues

Most therapies for marriage issues only take a few weeks or months to resolve. Active listening and emotionally focused therapies are both considered short-term. Many couples find that just a few sessions with an experience counselor can help them overcome their marriage issues. Depending on the relationship, though, it could take several months for the couple to progress into a healthy relationship.

Some relationships have degraded so much that no amount of therapy can save them. In these instances, therapists might recommend dissolving the relationships.

Therapy for Marriage and Couples Issues

Marriage counseling can apply to all types of couples. Any couple involved in a romantic relationship can benefit from learning more effective communication techniques, regardless of whether they are married.

Many counselors provide therapy for marriage issues to heterosexual and homosexual couples. Some, however, specifically focus on the common issues that homosexual couples experience. These couples might choose to find someone in their community who has experience counseling homosexual couples.