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Could Individual Counseling be Right for You?

Adjusting to college life is challenging. Often, students find themselves in a completely new and unfamiliar environment. While exciting and exhilarating, for many young people the experience can also seem overwhelming. When adjusting to university life, the stress can often prove to be more than they can handle on their own. If you find yourself anxious, depressed, or confused by your new surroundings, individual counseling may be able to help.

Individual counseling is a direct, active and personal approach that focuses on increasing your individual self-awareness, understanding, and adjustment. Individual counseling can help you identify the most effective ways for you personally to achieve your desired goals for this stage in life, as well as provide you with the tools to cope with difficult circumstances that may arise along the way. The nonjudgmental support provided by a counselor helps students feel at ease, while helping them understand that they are not alone during this often confusing time.

Would you benefit from individual counseling?

Whether on campus or off, an individual counselor can help people cope with a wide variety of issues. Among them are:

Adjustment Issues

Homesickness is to be expected when you move away from your childhood home for the first time. When feelings of loneliness or isolation get to be overwhelming, a counselor can help. Other adjustment dilemmas might include dealing with your academic load, meeting new people, or dealing with a long distance relationship.

Interpersonal Difficulties

Socializing and interacting with a new circle of friends and acquaintances is a huge part of the college experience. Sometimes, though, this aspect of university life can be one of the hardest to adjust to. Roommate conflicts, familial problems, relationships, and dating concerns are all subjects that you can discuss during individual counseling.

Questions about Identity

During your college years, you might feel drawn towards new lifestyle choices. The need to experiment with your social and sexual identity might be an issue for the first time in your life. Self image, romantic relationships, gender, and religious identity can all be explored through individual counseling sessions.


The numbers of assaults, sexual attacks, and violence on college campuses is on the rise. If you find yourself the victim of an attack or crime—or if you are facing a personal trauma, including the death of a loved one, depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, then individual counseling could be the first steps back to a healthy mindset for you.