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Family Therapy in Los Angeles

There’s no question that an individual’s family life is a major factor in his or hers overall happiness and wellbeing. With the family having such a profound impact on our everyday lives, dysfunction in one family unit can cause individuals stress, hurt, pain, and decreased quality of life. Disagreements among family members here and there are inevitable but many families undergoing troubled relationships and persistent conflicts can benefit from family therapy. With problems that may have persisted for years and years, sometimes getting the help of a trained family therapy Los Angeles professional can bring in new points of views and ways of thinking that help families resolve their issues and enjoy all the joys that a happy family can offer.

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs)

Family therapy Los Angeles clinical social workers or licensed marriage and family therapists (MFTs) usually practice this type of psychotherapy with all types of families undergoing various issues. Family therapy Los Angeles sessions usually occur in the short term of six months or less but the skills, tools, strengths, and strategies developed in sessions can last a lifetime. Perhaps there is one family member who has had a long term mental illness or children and parents have major problems getting along with one another. Maybe children are doing poorly in school. One of the concepts of family therapy is that changes or conflicts with one member affect each family member and the family as a whole. Sessions are usually practiced with all members of the family present but there may be some sessions where only certain members are present. Family therapy Los Angeles patients learn how to interact with each other in better, efficient, and healthier ways in order to resolve conflicts and maintain peace inside the home.

How Family Therapy can Help in Los Angeles, CA

A licensed family therapy professional in Los Angeles helps teach family members about their functions in the family and works with the family to identify the causes of conflicts and tension. To do this, they will take a deep look at the behavior of individuals, patterns, and the rules that are present in the household. With the family, the therapists will develop specific strategies to resolve the conflicts. Since effective communication is so important to the health of any relationship, family members will learn better ways to express their emotions with one another. The strengths and weaknesses of a family may be discussed and analyzed. A family therapist also works on strengthening the bonds and relationship between family members and goes over ways that members can work through future problems in respectful, productive ways. A family therapist may help families design goals and assign at-home assignments for the families to work on. Members of the family are encouraged to engage in honest and open communication in a safe, respectful environment. With the presence of a therapist, discussions don’t just turn into screaming matches where family members will typically retreat to their own comfort zones like their rooms or places outside the house. Instead, individual responsibility and actions can be addressed by family therapy Los Angeles patients.