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How Therapy Helps When the Couple Wants a Divorce

Divorce often begins with pain. For many, there is a quiet sense of sadness and a sense of helplessness. These feelings can be caused by the onset of physical and emotional separation. For most couples, the pain and sadness can reach extraordinary levels. Divorce often starts with a period of mourning. Sadness can be accompanied by guilt and anger. Therapy can help you transition through this difficult period by allowing you to express the full range of emotions. Can therapy help with depression and loneliness? Once the sadness and pain of divorce begins to leave, there is often an "identity" transition that follows. A two-person identity becomes a single identity. This transition often means relinquishing the emotional dependency in favor of establishing a new identity as a single person. This is often a painful process of self-discovery. It may involve living in a new home, exploring new interests and activities, and making new friends. It is crucial to get therapeutic support at this time.

Moving From Panic to Acceptance and Strength

THE STAGES OF DIVORCE are Panic, Denial, Rage, and Acceptance. You need a support system to guide you through these stages because the earlier you understand this process the more choice you will have about how to design the rest of your life. As you start to move along the path of acceptance, when you least expect it you will gain a sudden intuitive shift in the way you see yourself .You will then start to see new possibilities that you have never seen before. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life and the feeling of new opportunities. Opportunities come from crisis as the Chinese character for crisis is also the character for opportunity. So that the greatest crisis in your life can become the greatest opportunity for growth and expansion, it is essential to nurture yourself at this time with positive support for your growth.