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Depression Treatment in Los Angeles

For millions of people who have feelings of sadness and depression that feels like it will never pass, seeking treatment from a mental health professional is a totally understandable choice. Maybe you don’t know how to overcome the sadness or you may not even know the exact reason why your sadness is having such a profound impact on your everyday life. While working with trained professionals, depression treatment Los Angeles patients undergo various types of treatment that they find works best for their individual preferences and situations.


One common method of treating depression is psychotherapy. This is often called talk therapy, and is done in a private session with a mental health professional like a therapist or psychologist. In this type of depression treatment in Los Angeles patients develop a better understanding of the causes of their depression. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a commonly used type of psychotherapy that helps patients replace their negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors with more positive ones that are much more productive and conducive with a happy, healthy life. Patients are taught that although they cannot control certain inevitable changes and circumstances in life, they can still regain control of their life by learning to control how they feel about those situations and how those situations affect them. Learning how to cope with life’s stressors is a goal in treating depression. Some therapists also use psychodynamic therapy, which focuses on gaining insight about yourself and how certain behaviors have come to be, and interpersonal therapy, which concentrates on how the relationships of the patient relates to the depression.

Medications for Depression

Another method of treatment that is often paired with talk therapy is medications. Since the best treatment plans differ between individuals, the patient and a qualified therapist will decide the appropriate medication for an individual based on possible side effects and health history. SSRI’s or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are prescribed often because of their effectiveness and usually tolerable range of side effects. Examples of these include Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, and so forth. There are other examples of medication that are prescribed for patients undergoing depression treatment such as norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitors (NDRI’s) and tetracyclic antidepressants among others.

A depression treatment Los Angeles therapist may suggest lifestyle changes to complement talk therapy. One such lifestyle change is more exercise. Physical activity that you most enjoy, whether it be sports, walking, gardening, swimming, or jogging, is known to reduce symptoms of depression. Writing in a journal may help patients express their different emotions, and stress reduction techniques can be something a patient talks to his or her therapist about. Stress reduction can include activities like yoga and meditation, where concentrated breathing exercises are featured.

Group counseling is another option where a patient can interact with others facing similar challenges. Patients can share experiences and coping strategies with one another.

The only good news about depression is that patients do not have to suffer in silence. Depression treatment Los Angeles services by licensed therapists can help sufferers discover the root of their depression, help change a patient’s negative thinking and behavior, prescribe medications, and help patients maintain their improved progress over time.