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Making the Commitment—Couples Therapy in San Francisco

It takes more than just passion to make a relationship thrive. It takes time, dedication, and a bit of hard work, too. Sometimes, it even takes some help from a professional. When you need help maintaining or repairing your relationship (whether you’re married, same sex, heterosexual, or something else all together) an experienced San Francisco couples therapist can remind you of all the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

There are many reasons why you might choose to see a San Francisco couple’s therapist. Among the many services they offer are:

Pre-Marital Counseling

With a national divorce rate of nearly 50%, more and more engaged couples are deciding to visit a therapist before they say I do. This is the perfect forum for learning how to properly communicate with your partner (before either of you develops the bad habits that can lead to serious trouble down the road). It’s also a good place to openly discuss your expectations of each other, what you believe married life should be like, and create a positive dialogue about important topics like children and careers.

Effective Communication Methods

One of the biggest obstacles faced by couples today is the lack of proper communication. Speaking and communicating are not the same things—a fact that too many people learn only after their relationship has ended. When effective communication has become a barrier in your relationship, a couple’s therapist in San Francisco can teach you, in a respectful and non-judgmental way, how to really listen and respond to each other’s wants and needs.

Overcoming Infidelity

When one partner loses trust in another, it can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Betrayal, hurt, anger, shame and blame are all feelings that will be felt by either partner. San Francisco couple’s therapy provides a relaxed, non-confrontational way for both partners to be heard and understood—without the shouting matches. The therapist can help you work through your feelings, and slowly begin to rebuild the trust in your relationship.

Moving Past Addiction

Few things can tear a home apart like an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Often, even after a person has sought treatment, the after effects can still be felt throughout the home. If you or your partner has recently gone sober, then it might be time to think about couple’s therapy. You’ve already done the hardest part… why risk losing the person who stood by you through it all? Or, if your loved one is still struggling with an addiction, couple’s therapy might be the way to let them see that they need help.

Sexual Problems

A healthy sex life is a key component to any solid relationship. When you’re facing sexual frustrations, a couple’s therapist will help you pinpoint the problem—and then teach you and your partner ways to move past it. San Francisco is a romantic city… why not make the most of it with the one you love? Couple’s therapy is an affordable, discrete, and most of all, effective way to recapture the beauty of your relationship.