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Couples Therapy in New York: When Love isn’t Enough

What do you do when your relationship needs work, but you don’t know what to do to make things right? How can you stay together when it feels like you’re tearing each other apart? New York couples therapy professionals can give you and your partner the tools to rebuild your relationship—and teach you how to make your love even stronger than it was.

Divorce and separation rates across the country are at an all time high, and New York is no exception. In fact, the stresses of living in such a fast paced, urban environment often take an even bigger toll on couples than those living in other parts of the US. Maybe that’s why so many couples (whether married or not) in The City are choosing to seek help from a therapist, before they make the decision to call it quits.

Among the many things a New York couples therapist can help with include


Few things have as much of a negative impact on a marriage or relationship as the loss of trust and destroyed feelings that accompany the infidelity of one or both partners. Rebuilding that trust isn’t easy, but a New York couples therapy specialist can help you put the pieces of your love back together after one of you has cheated.

Sexual Incompatibilities

Sex is an essential part of any successful relationship. When one or both people feel unsatisfied sexually, they are likely to be frustrated and hurt. With the help of a New York couples therapist, you can learn to tune in to your partners needs—and help them see what your own desires are, as well.

Recovery after an Accident

When one half of a couple suffers an accident or trauma that alters them physically or affects them psychologically, the after-effects can be felt by both partners. Whether you need help feeling attractive again, or are having trouble getting back into your comfort zone, a New York couples therapist will outline a plan that addresses both of your needs and concerns.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Whether you’ve been together 10 weeks or 10 years, taking the step from engagement to marriage is a big one. Before making the leap, consider seeing a couples therapist to ensure that you’re both on the same page when it comes to financial and household responsibilities—as well as important topics such as children, careers, and extended families.


Perhaps the most important reason to consider couples therapy in New York is learning how to communicate effectively with each other. Often, we take one of two routes: shouting at each other, or bottling up our feelings inside to avoid confrontation. The former causes hurt feelings (and everyone stops listening when people begin screaming) and the later will inevitably lead to passive aggressive behavior or an inappropriate blow up down the line.

Instead, learning how to convey your frustrations, needs, wants, and fears the right way will actually bring you closer together as a couple.