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Couples Therapy in Los Angeles

Since nearly half of all married couples end up in divorce, there is no question that maintaining a happy, healthy relationship isn’t easy. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship, whether married or not, knows that with all the love and joy that comes with it, there is work that must go into the relationship to keep it healthy. When couples need extra help at maintaining or repairing their relationships, they often turn to couples therapy.

Couples, Los Angeles, and the Therapy They can Get

Couples therapy licensed professionals in Los Angeles help couples of all kinds gain a better understanding of each other and help solve problems within the relationship. Couples that seek therapy are married, unmarried, same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. Depending on the couple, couples therapy Los Angeles sessions can go on a few times or can go on for several months. Some common problems that cause a lot of emotional stress and conflict are infidelity, financial problems, different views about raising children, substance abuse or additions, and sexual issues. Sometimes, there isn’t a specific issue, but couples therapy patients might simply have lousy communication with their partners. These issues can be leading to divorce or separation.

How Therapists Help Couples in Los Angeles, CA

A couple’s therapist encourages partners to communicate openly and honestly about their feelings in a safe and respectful environment. Often times, couples find it hard to express deep feelings on their own so a couple’s therapy session in Los Angeles can help bring couples closer together. Couples are encouraged to express what has made them unhappy and what their specific needs are. This can be very difficult for people to articulate if not in a controlled, quiet, and neutral space that couples therapy provides. No matter what emotions are brought to the table, including anger, frustration, or pain, a therapist can act as a trained mediator. When discussing heated topics, a therapist encourages discussing them rationally and respectfully instead of only screaming and yelling at each other. A therapist can also help keep discussions on-topic and focused, something that can be very difficult to do in a home as couples usually bounce from one thing to another in a heated argument. The therapist then usually works with the couple to come up with solutions and build problem-solving skills. Discussions are productive and constructive to the health of the relationship. The therapist helps couples pinpoint the source of their biggest conflicts and help couples recognize not only the worst parts of a relationship but the best, strongest parts too. Although initially engaging in couple’s therapy may be tough, simply ignoring issues or hoping problems will pass is not a wise choice for the health and longevity of the relationship.

Not All Bad – Pre-marriage Counseling for LA Residents

Couples therapy, or sometimes called marriage counseling, can also be for couples in Los Angeles on the verge of getting married. Pre-marriage counseling helps couples develop a better understanding of each others expectations, opinions and overall personality. Plus, differences can be discussed then instead of years later when it could cause even more turmoil in the relationship.