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Biblical Counseling - Psychology, the Bible, and You

For those seeking both spiritual guidance and psychological therapy, biblical counseling offers a unique perspective on mental healing. Whether you’re struggling with issues of faith or the very concrete dilemmas of substance abuse, an eating disorder, divorce, depression, or any other emotional or psychological problem, biblical counselors can help you regain control of your life.

Powerful and effective, biblical counseling is based on the premise that the truth found in the scriptures truly makes people’s minds and hearts free when they listen, believe, understand and obey it. According to the Bible, each of us is called (as Christians) to be biblical counselors to one another. But those that dedicate themselves to biblical counseling as a vocation are in the position to help people find wholeness in God, themselves, and others—in a way that few other professionals can.

This integration of mind, body and spirit begins with biblical knowledge, religious maturity, mental stability, personal responsibility, and competence. The goal of a biblical counselor is to teach the patient that the Bible provides the strength, wisdom, direction, and healing that no man made therapy or technique can offer. (It is important to note here that if you are suffering from a serious mental illness or are under a doctor’s care, you should not suddenly stop taking your medication in favor of biblical counseling. There are ways to integrate your medical care and a spiritual program.)

The idea of biblical counseling is based on the life of Jesus Christ himself. The very foundation for his teachings was a very personal, one on one ministry with his flock. In this spirit, the foundation for today’s biblical counseling was laid. God’s truth is available to each of us in our times of struggle, and the Bible offers methods for change and healing through those difficult circumstances. Biblical counselors offer a bridge for those trying to understand the deeply complicated workings of human psychology and still trying to abide completely by the teachings and traditions of Christianity.

When you, your family, or a loved one is struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or are having concerns about your children or married life, consider seeking a biblical counselor in your area. Combining the tools of a mental health professional with the wisdom and truth of the Bible and your own faith, biblical counseling might just offer the best possible results for your personal recovery.