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Anger Management in San Francisco, CA - Finding Help

All of us experience some anger at least once a day. It can come from the heavy traffic jam San Francisco can be a hectic city to call home. Rent is sky high, parking is almost impossible to find, and, depending on where you live, crime is no picnic either. All of this can lead to an expected amount of daily stress. But what happens when your stress—and your reaction to it—are no longer under control?

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion. We all get angry. But uncontrolled outbursts, frustration, and rage can lead to more than just hurt feelings and bruised egos—it can be physically dangerous, as well. If your anger is negatively affecting relationships with your coworkers, friends, family, or even your children, then it’s time to get help. A qualified San Francisco anger management therapist can teach you techniques to help you change the way you channel those overwhelming feelings. Why let your anger continue to control your life?

Anger management counseling services provide a supportive and non judgmental educational experience. For those struggling with intense feelings of stress, anger, frustration and rage, that means learning new and more effective communication techniques to help prevent outbursts from getting out of hand in the first place. There are methods available that will help you avoid violence, and an anger management counselor can help you discover them. Some things your San Francisco anger management therapy session might include are:

Relaxation Techniques

Stress is almost certain to make your temper flare. A qualified therapist can teach you how to give yourself a temporary “time out” from hectic situations with breathing exercises and visualization techniques. You can also learn how to cut down on the amount of general chaos in your life by incorporating activities like yoga or journal writing.

Using Humor (without Sarcasm)

Lightening up a tense situation can often diffuse a potential anger bomb. Often, though, we turn to passive aggressive humor, sarcasm, or backhanded compliments—which only serve to intensify the situation (and often cause even more hurt feelings). Anger management in San Francisco should be geared towards teaching you new ways to cope with your feelings; and that includes positive ways to express your humor.

Expressing your Anger—The Right Way

Ignoring your feelings and frustrations is never a good idea. It may help you avoid an angry outburst now, but those pent up emotions will resurface eventually. (Possibly at an inappropriate moment) Anger management therapy will teach you how to use “I” statements to describe your feelings in a noncritical way. Once you learn how to express yourself without being confrontational, you won’t feel torn between having to keep all of your emotions inside and fearing an angry outburst.

Incorporating Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity can provide an outlet for your emotions. Taking up a sport, running, or even just a brisk walk is sometimes all it takes to begin to retrain yourself. Don’t be afraid to give yourself some space when you need it.