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Anger Management in Los Angeles, CA - Success with a Therapist

All of us experience some anger at least once a day. It can come from the heavy traffic jams and stresses at work, to personal relationships and family conflicts. It’s perfectly normal to be angry once in awhile but it becomes a problem if it gets out of control and affects the quality of your life and others, particularly in the from of aggression, abuse, and violence. The answer is not to get rid of anger or suppress it entirely, but manage it everyday.

Make the Commitment

When people are finally committed to making changes to control and manage their anger, seeking out a therapist can help you practice helpful techniques that you can use for the rest of your life. Fortunately, anger management classes and sessions in Los Angeles are not hard to find and are offered in all areas of the city. People with high stress jobs that are prone to heavy bouts of anger, such as adult care givers and law enforcement offices, find anger management Los Angeles sessions beneficial to their lives. First off, a therapist can help you change the way you think about situations. For instance, instead of acting irrationally when angry in the form of yelling and cursing, anger management can help you practice thinking and going about ways that are more logical and rational. Examples like this are called cognitive restructuring and they help you think about angering situations differently. Therefore, you will learn how to respond in different ways. A mental health professional may also help you identify and learn about what and why certain situations cause rage and anger.

Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness

Another technique that may be practiced is expressing your angry feelings not in an overly aggressive way, but an assertive way. When you are assertive instead of aggressive, you use better communication skills to express yourself and what you want instead of lashing out in a bout of rage that is disrespectful or hurtful to others. Instead of totally suppressing anger, you may learn techniques about how to convert it into behavior that is productive or constructive.


A Los Angeles therapist specializing in anger management can also show you how to employ relaxation techniques to calm you down. Those may include easy breathing exercises and positive imagery that help you regain control of your emotions and responses. Although you cannot control frustrating situations that may arise, anger management will help you control how you choose to respond to them.

Anger management doesn’t have to be limited to individual sessions with a therapist. Anger management Los Angeles group classes can be a cost-effective option that helps bring you closer to people who are dealing with the same challenges you are. Some people enjoy the group dynamic, open discussions, and support that comes with a group class.

Although your anger may seem totally uncontrollable, and you may feel hopeless knowing that you cannot control the world around you. Finding an anger management Los Angeles therapist or counselor can be one step towards learning how to manage your anger and a live a happier, safer, and healthier life.