How It Works

First, a little on why we started this company:

Now that you have an understanding of the problem we are solving, here’s a little more detail on how works.

As humans, we have evolved to have a keen ability to sense who is a "friend" and who is a potential threat.

Thousands of years ago, when humans lived in small tribes, we evolved a sensory capability that can tell us who was part of our 'tribe' and who wasn't. Close knit family members and tribes who live and work together tend to talk similarly, use the same words when speaking and have similar communication preferences. Those people who are not in our tribe, tend not share the traits of our tribe, but rather they share the traits of their own tribe.

As a stranger enters the tribe, we look for cues to indicate whether he or she is in fact a stranger and therefore potentially dangerous; or perhaps the person is familiar (which is derived from the word family) based on how they communicate, and is therefore safe and does not need to be feared.

Much of this friend/foe decision-making is done below the level of consciousness, and as a result, we get a 'gut' feeling about people. We know instantly if someone is trust worthy and whether we can let our guard down and be vulnerable.

In today's world, in the relationship between a client and therapist, there is a special requirement for a deep level of trust in order for great therapy to happen. Without this trust, the chance for a meaningful shift from therapy is low.

We believe in great therapy and know that the world is a better place when it is filled with people who have access to great therapy. By using our service, you will find a great licensed therapist who you will quickly and naturally connect with. You will more easily establish trust with him or her, leading to more rapid results and meaningful change. Our service thereby reduces the number of therapists you interview, and the therapy sessions you need in order to get the outcome you want.

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