About Us

The idea for MyTherapistMatch.com was born when founder Corey Quinn spent time searching for a therapist he could really connect with. To his disappointment, he found the process time consuming and difficult. Realizing many others were struggling with this same problem, Quinn teamed up with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, mental health care professional and international trainer, to create MyTherapistMatch.com. Today, our mission is to effectively match therapists and clients such that both enjoy a healthy therapeutic relationship.

Our vision is to see the world populated with increasingly self actualized individuals.

MyTherapistMatch.com is owned by Interpersonal Intelligence, LLC

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I think this is a brilliant service -- it's the closest thing to a personal referral, which is how it was done before the Internet." Dr. Marjorie Rand, a Los Angeles-based therapist.

"In the last two months of being on MyTherapistMatch.com, I have received four inquiries regarding psychological services that I offer which have resulted in the addition of two new clients to my practice. I often hear from clients about how difficult the selection process is when choosing a therapist they know little about. MyTherapistMatch.com allows clients to feel more comfortable entering into therapy and provides them with the necessary information to determine whether a therapist matches up with their needs and values. I look forward to connecting with additional potential clients in need of support."

"I have thus far enjoyed participating as one of the Therapists listed on the My Therapist Match website. I have had a considerable number of profile views, four contact requests and am seeing one client from the site on a weekly, ongoing basis. Corey has done a great job providing webinar trainings on such topics as search engine optimization. For someone “techno challenged” like myself, it has been incredibly informative and both easy to understand as well as implement. As the site matures, I see possibilities for many more referrals. Thanks, Corey!" Richard Levine, M.A., M.F.T.

"My listing on MyTherapistMatch.com has generated a number of inquiries and two dedicated full-fee clients in a very short period of time. It has out-performed other therapy sites to which I also belong. This is one site I will continue to subscribe to and the price is unbeatable! - Martha Carr, MFT"

"As a therapist, and and the owner of a business coaching other therapists in private practice, I've heard many of my colleagues talk of how hard it is to find clients. MyTherapistMatch.com offers therapists an affordable solution by evaluating the client's personality, learning-style, and personal preferences and matching clients with compatible therapists. What an invaluable tool to get connected with ideal clients, help more people, and build your therapy practice!" Laura Dessauer, EdD(ABD), ATR-BC,LCAT,LMHC www.businesssuccessfortherapists.com